Laserbox 50

Laserbox 50, which is part of our Laserboxbox Series was created to facilitate the entire manufacturing process of laser marking systems.

Integrated HD Camera System 
For precision engraving & marking.

Integrated camera galvo system was developed for extremely precise engraving on very small objects (such as 0,5 mm wire (earring posts)). This tool gives you the ability to position your object directly through a live preview that appears on your software screen. Our integrated camera facilitates your engraving process by automatically adjusting engraving regions according to each project.

Smart Rotary System

Our state of the art rotary system makes marking rings easy. No more hassel with complicated parameter settings. Our rotary automatically coordinates its movement to the object being engraved for optimal quality, efficiency and simplicity.

Automatic Focusing


Optimal focusing distance is automatically set by the machine itself. Enter the thickness of the object you wish to engrave and the machine takes all the necessary steps and procedures to set the optimal focusing distance to prepare for engraving. No more need for manual setups, our machines make every task simpler.

Laser Source YTT Fiber Laser
Wavelength 1064 nm
Laser Source Output 50 W
Working Area & Resolution 100×100 mm ~ 18 µm
Cooling System Air-cooled
Dimensions 68 cm (Length) x 68 cm (Height) x 41 cm (Width)


Recommended System Requirements
OS Windows
Ram 2 GB
Space 20 mb
Processor i3


Servo Motor Rotary System
Motorised Automatic Focussing System
HD Integrated Camera


  • 20 W Fiber Laser
  • 30 W Fiber Laser
  • 50 W Fiber Laser
  • 70 W Fiber Laser
  • 100 W Fiber Laser

Marking Range

  • 100×100 mm
  • 120×120 mm
  • 160×160 mm